Friday, 20 June 2008

The Great War in Miniature

Picked these rules up recently. Dont normally go for the Warhammer genre but these look like they may work not only for the Great War but also the Spanish Civil War. There are some ideas on how to convert these rules for the SCW.

I have been gaming the first World War for on and off for years. My most recent games having being fought using Piquets Barrage supplement. I have put on a couple of demo games using these rules and I have attached a number of photos taken of some of these games . They are set in the Balkans in 1917 and Belgium 1914.

For more info on Barrage Eric Burgess (honoury ilkleylad - US Chapter) has a nice site here.

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Anonymous said...

Great looking photos and terrain. WWI is a great period to game. Keep up the good work!
- Eric Burgess