Thursday, 5 March 2009

World War 2 - North Africa in 6mm

I have added these photos of some of my 6mm (1/285) North African WW2 collection. Most of my collection are GHQ with a few CinC trucks and bren carriers.

I have recently rebased this collection on 3cm squares for use with Piquets FOB:WW2 . This is an great set of rules for fighting large scale games in an evening. One base = a company.

An 88mm deployed for action and a Panzer IIIG.

A German Battalion HQ base and Panzer IVE

A British Battalion Base and Italain M13/40


Jeff said...

Your figures look great. I'm thinking of doing the same with my 6mm figures. What size base are your battalion headquarters on? Are all of your headquarters on round bases - that is a good way to visually key players into the fact that they are HQs rather than combat units.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Jeff

These oictures were taken over a year ago. I know base on 3 cm squares with command on 3.5 cm or 4cm for higher commands.

The round bases were I think 40mm washers.


Mark Dudley said...

Actually looking again they were probably 30mm washers.

Jeff said...

Thanks, you have given me some good ideas for basing 6mm for Piquet FOB WWII.