Monday, 2 March 2009

World War 2 - East African 1941

Here are some photos of a recent a WW2 game set in East Africa. We used Piquets FoB:WW2 rules. These shots are of a playtest game for the Vapnartak show in Feb 2009. These pictures are from Olicana Lads site.

An AGN Matilda is well supported by tw0 companies of British infantry as it advances towards a small village defended by Italian Blackshirts.

Vickers VIb close in supporting the attack. These models were originally supplied by Force of Arms now available from AGN.

Italian tanks (AGN M13/40) arrive supported by the Grenadiers of Savoy. The M13/40 was not used in East Africa but no one makes a M11/39 in 28mm - yet.
The British can be seen crossing the river as they move into assault the town.

South African Marmon Herringtons (Chieftan) turn to defend against the Italian armour. Even a Boys AT rifle has a chance against the italian coffins.
Bren Carriers (MK1 and scount models origianlly from Force of Arms) of the Central Indian Horse protect the British Left.
These 3 pictures show the game as played at Vapnartak and where taken by one the shows many visitors. (thanks Grant Grimsby blog)

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Wow, I wish I could of played the British. I bet they staged an almost perfect attack!